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ICBA is proud to be the single largest sponsor of apprentices in British Columbia and a leader in professional development.

Open shop companies do 82 per cent of the training of construction workers in B.C. and we are happy to help deliver that training.

ICBA Training provides a wide range of competitively-priced courses in management, leadership and technical skills, human resources, business development, regulatory updates, and safety training. We offer more than 700 courses each year in cities and on job sites across Canada, training thousands of workers in nearly 90 locations.

We customize courses to meet your needs and also offer online courses to make it as convenient as possible for construction and other industry workers to improve their skills. Our courses are recognized by various accrediting bodies, both provincial and national. ICBA Training customizes and delivers top-notch training for individual companies.

It’s not just current construction workers that ICBA invests in. We also have more than one thousand trades apprentices working for our member companies – the future of construction. ICBA manages the paperwork on behalf of our member companies, ensuring they can stay focused on building their business while training B.C.’s next generation of workers.

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We're helping build the construction industry

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Todd Cumiskey

Vice President – Workforce Development

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Director of Training

Ally Bodnar

Training Manager

Kerry Vital

Project Manager

Nicola Blockley

Education Program Manager


ICBA represents the entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and skilled construction professionals building BC.

Every morning in British Columbia, 225,000 men and women get up and go to work on a construction site. They are employed by some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in Canada; independent contractors who are taking a risk on their business, their talents, and their teams. Together, these men and women are building every part of our province – from the largest LNG plants to the tallest condo buildings to the busiest hospitals to the rural farmhouse. They are building our communities, one job at a time.

We’re proud to represent more than 3,300 of these entrepreneurs, businesspeople, skilled construction professionals, independent contractors, sub-trades, and responsible resource development companies – who together employ 100,000 Canadians.

They are the open shop companies – independent contractors who treat their workers well, build incredible projects, seek fair bidding opportunities, and create our communities’ homes, schools, roads, services, and much more.

Everything we do at ICBA is dedicated to serving these open shop businesses, helping their teams, and growing their businesses. We come to work every day because we believe in the people in construction and resource development.

To protect their workers and their families, we have grown into one of the leading independent providers of group benefits in western Canada. To ensure there are opportunities for future generations of workers, we are now the single largest sponsor of trades apprentices in BC.

To build the strong economy we know is vital to create the opportunities for projects and jobs, ICBA is the province’s leader in public policy analysis, advocacy initiatives, social media, and provides training focused on supporting the construction sector and ensuring responsible resource development.

We offer services that have proven to help our businesses grow, including human resources help, wellness programs, innovative professional development courses, wage and benefit surveys, jobs boards, and much more – all geared to improve our members’ team and bottom line.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur striking out on your first solo job, a sub-trade looking for new projects, a general contractor in the midst of a tough bid, a resource development company looking for workers, a booming construction company, or anything in between – ICBA is there to help you meet every challenge and seize every opportunity.

Some of our Industry Engagement Partners

Workforce Development

Together, ICBA and Merit Canada are your open shop voice on both provincial and national issues as they relate to trades training. Whether it’s government Red Seal reviews or provincial regulatory matters on Occupational Health and Safety, ICBA ensures the open shop is represented on:

  • Red Seal Review Boards
  • Construction Sector Councils
  • Skills Canada
  • Industry Training Authority and other apprenticeship organizations
  • Provincial Safety Authorities
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