Introducing ICBA’s innovative online learning portal

ICBA Training’s Learning Platform is an online portal where users can access our online programs. Programs on the platform incorporate blended learning principles and engaging e-learning to transform content into a learning experience.

Through our Workplace Wellness Program, HR Toolkit, Red Seal Painting Program and more, thousands of workers are regularly accessing the ICBA platform, ensuring we have a regular stream of feedback to allow us to continuously improve the platform and content, and helping us be as effective and user-friendly as possible.

If you already have an account for ICBA’s Learning Platform, click below to log in. If you are interested in the programs offered through our Learning Platform, reach out to training@icba.ca for more information.

Interested in having your own content on a learning platform?

Is your company looking to take the next step in training your workers? Want to create your own online programs, or maybe even your own Learning Platform? We can help.

ICBA has relationships with expert learning designers who can transform your content into modern, online programs which align with learning design principles. This can mean they are much more effective than traditional training methods.

If you are interested in learning how ICBA can help you develop and host your own program on our learning platforms, or perhaps even on your very own custom learning platform, please reach out.